Owen Haughton

When I was there I met with the Lord like never before and I would like to thank the Lord for that. I learned about how to forgive others and forget. When you forgive others, God forgives you. Stay on God’s path and don’t get tempted to look to the left or right!

Alana McKeowen

This was my fourth year at camp and God just never ceases to amaze me. Every time there’s something new that happens and it’s a great experience. I’ve just never seen a miracle done by God until I went to church camp. It’s like this every year. I’m just surprised and moved by how much the Lord moves in my life and everyone else. I was able to see baptisms in the Holy Spirit and that was an amazing, remarkable thing to see other people experience that. A lot of prayers were answered. We also learned about teamwork and that was encouraging because I wasn’t very good at teamwork! I hope I get to go next year and I’m looking forward to it!

Krystal Tucker

God really moved through me through prayer in a way that I’ve never experience before. That was really powerful in my own life that God was willing to use me to reach them for what they needed. That was the most powerful thing throughout the week.

Erika Schwanitz

This was my first year going to camp … it was a neat experience making new friends, making memories and meeting new people, but most importantly meeting with the Lord. I met with the Lord in a way I’ve never experienced before. Throughout each of the services the presence of the Lord in was very strong. … I don’t want my experience with the Lord to end at camp, but to continue as I walk with Him.

Emily Nugent

This was my very first year at camp and it was amazing. I really liked the services. I’ve never seen the Lord move in that way. Thursday night was an altar call for people who haven’t been baptized in the Holy Spirit and I got baptized in the Holy Spirit that night. I met new friends. The games were so much fun and I can’t wait to go next year!

Ian Haughton

Camp was fun. We all had an amazing time! I learned that God has a unique purpose for everyone. He doesn’t just make you for nothing. He has a reason for all of us.